Moreau Emergency Squad Inc. was founded June 8, 1957 by a group of 18 men whose purpose was to provide pre-hospital emergency care to the sick and injured in the Village of South Glens Falls, and the Towns of Moreau and Nothumberland. In 1988 our agency progressed to the advanced life support level of care, offering potentionally critical life saving interventions to those presenting with different maladies, and injuries. To this date, we continue to provide this advanced care at the Paramedic level. Our membership is predominantly a strong volunteer base of drivers, Emergency Medical Technicians and advanced providers up to the Paramedic level. This volunteer staff is supplemented with paid Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians in order to provide the highest level of pre-hospital patient care on a 24 hour a day basis. After much reflection, this paid program was implemented on July 1, 2006 after 49 years of completely volunteer staffing. In order to satisfy the staffing payroll, our agency has also implemented third party billing of insurance companies for the service that we provide. This was yet another major change to the no-fee service we provided since 1957.

Moreau Emergency Squad Inc. is one of the few ground agencies the State of New York to offer Rapid Sequence Intubation. This procedure allows our Paramedics to chemically induce a coma safely in order to facilitate the insertion of breathing tubes in those that are in need of definitive airway control.

We cover approximately 60 square miles of district, serving a combined population of over 21,000. This district includes 25 miles of railway for the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and over 28 miles of riverfront. Our district is serviced from our one station located on Route 9 in the Town of Moreau. Our front line apparatus includes three advanced life support ambulances and two advanced life support first response vehicles.

Our agency works in conjunction with South Glens Falls Volunteer Fire Company, Gansevoort Volunteer Fire Company, South Glens Falls Village Police, Saratoga County Sherriff’s Department, New York State Police, and many other surrounding agencies.